Granismart represents the pinnacle of GBG patented technology and design. The world’s smallest professional slush machine, it is the ideal equipment for limited space or law slush, sherbet or cold drink consumption.

Practical and compact (up to 30% smaller than standard slush machine), it is also professional and attractive at the same time. Granismart is the ideal machine for making new frozen beverage, like frozen coffee and frozen cappuccino and desserts, whose dairy fat content means frequent preparation in order to maintain their natural characteristics of freshness.

Available the models with 1, 2 and 3 bowls with external plastic component in black and white colour. Available even the models with thermostat, ideal for the production and refrigeration of cold beverage.

The machine is equipped with an innovative electronic thermostat with a digital display, that it indicates the temperature of the beverages. The solution is in compliance with the new regulations for drinks conservation.


• Low production capacity each bowl (5 lt.).

• Sleek, new, bell-shaped spigot for perfect hygiene and thorough cleaning.

• Stainless steel panels.

• Condensate channelling system.

• Bowl and spigot easily removable without the aid of any tool for quick cleaning and total hygiene.


• Safety-smart device that stops spiral whenever cover is lifted.

• Lighted cover.

• Customized panels.