Trouble Possible Causes Remedy
Machine overheats Machine vents are blocked Check that nothing is obstructing the vents
The tap drips O-rings may be improperly placed Make sure that the o-rings are in place and have no cuts.

Check that the piston is correctly closed and nothing is obstruction its outlet.

Verify that the spring works correctly.

Machine is not cooling the product* Voltage may be labelled improperly

Does the machine have power?

The condenser is dirty

No refrigerant

Verify that the voltage supply matches the label on the back of the machine.

Check to see if the machine is plugged in.

Clean the condenser carefully with a brush trying not to damage the ribs. See figure 7.

Contact authorized service agency.

The unit does not work No power

Switch Power cord loose or damaged


Wiring disconnected

Connect unit to power supply.

Locate problem and correct. Replace power cord if necessary.

Replace switch.

Check wiring for loose connection or broken wire.

One of the augers does not work Motor connection loose

Defective switch

Auger is stuck

Bad gear reducer motor

Check wiring to motor.

Replace switch.

Check auger, replace if necessary.


No pilot light when unit is on Defective wiring connection

Defective density switch

Burned out bulb

Defective thermostat

Check wiring.

Check switch.

Replace bulb.

Replace thermostat.

Compressor does not start Defective overload

Defective relay

Defective compressor




Unit cools but does not freeze Switch is not on

The condenser is dirty

Not enough air around the unit

Less than 12% sugar content

Density switch at lower level off

Check that switch is on right position.

Clean the condenser carefully with a brush (do not to damage the ribs).

Remove other objects that may be blocking airflow around unit.

Remix with 12% sugar content.

Turn on density switch.

One bowl does not cool* Defective solenoid valve

Defective thermostat

Defective density switch

Defective front panel switch





One bowl cools but does not freeze* Density switch at lower level defective

Front panel switch set for liquid


Check that switch is in right position.

Noisy auger No lubricant

Defective gear reducer motor

Lubricant auger.


Drippy nozzle or valve O-Rings worn or defective Replace O-Rings.
Leaky Bowl Gasket improperly installed or defective Reinstall gasket, replace if necessary.
Cover light does not work Burned out bulb

Defective cable

Defective plug

Defective fuse

Defective transformer

Defective light switch

Replace bulb.

Replace cable.

Replace plug.

Replace fuse.

Replace transformer.

Replace switch