Who we are?

       Our long story

Quite a long time, actually in the early 80’s, a vision was born; to create a company whose equipment and services would be valued by clients, respected by distributors and loved by its employees. At the end of the 80’s that vision was a reality as we could never have imagined and we became a market leader in Spain and Portugal.

Thanks to our expertise and passion, in the 90’s we continued expanding our presence in the international market, including the US, and also improving our machines, technology, people and training. This allowed us, at the end of the 90’s, to be part of the prestigious Ali group, a point of reference for foodservice equipment industry over the world.

In 2009 we become part of Carpigiani Group, and it enabled to join forces with the italian GBG creating the CarpigianiHoreca brand but we continued operating under the name Sencotel and GBG. The merger was a succes from start to finish, bringing with new market opportunities, numerous synergy benefits, and a clear focus on the future.

Today we bring our tradition and dedication to more than 800 clients around the world, reaching more than 750.000 business with our machines and services daily. Our machines and service help our clients fuel positive culture enabling to work happy.

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Sencotel at a glance

Employing more than 150 people, we produce more than 20.000 machines every year and generate sales of more than € 15 million. These statistics can easily advise that Sencotel is a quite consolidated company and a prestigious brand. More than 30 years of tradition enables us to feature a wide range of solutions for beverages and Soft cream keeping things simple, lean and fast. Discover the quality and customer service that sets us apart:
  • 1978

    Sencotel is founded

    It means: Suministros en comercio hostelero

  • 1979

    We started distributing horeca equipment

  • 1980

    Our first exhibition

  • 1981

    We incorporate a design department …

    And start designing our own machines

  • 1983

    We produce our first machine, Drink Cooled Froid

    Was quiet a success

  • 1985

    We manufacture our first slush machine (G-228)

    We began to stand out in a market of Italian and American machines

  • 1988

    We expanded our product range

  • 1989

    Start selling in Italy …

    and in America

  • 1990

    Market leader in Spain and Portugal

  • 1992

    We produce the first horizontal slush machine (GHZ Model)

    GHZ mixing system: improved performance, less time, reduced costs

  • 1993

    Moved to new place …

    We needed more space due to the high demand for GHZ

  • 1996

    Expanding globally

  • 1998

    We design Granibeach, easier to customize

    We are part of Ali Group

  • 2002

    New products

  • 2003

    Host in Milan

  • 2005

    Host in Milan

    G5, the smallest machine for the time

  • 2007

    We moved to new place

    Day of inauguration

  • 2008

    Become part of Carpigiani Group …

    And joined forces with GBG creating carpigiani horeca

    We designed SPIN, a mix of power and Design

    Following our know-how also changed the design of the cooler

  • 2010

    We designed push&pull clean without dismantle


  • 2011

    More than one hundred people working in sencotel

  • 2012


  • 2013

    We designed BSOFT , Our first soft machine

    Lower the handle slowly

  • 2015

    BSOFT Plus Versions overrun adjustment from display

  • 2018

    Sencotel 40 anniversary

    We launched V-AIR, the Saving Space machine with Vertical Air Flow

  • 2019

    What is next ?