Hot beverage dispenser

The new versatile dispensing option to any restaurant, tailgates, cateret events. Designed to dispense chocolate and all hot beverages.

Bain Marie heating

Bottom boiler contains hot water and upper bowl is where chocolate is placed so that it is heated by the water (without being immersed). This indirect melting method avoids the direct contact between the heating source and food so the chocolate is heated up slowly and without causing it to burn, leaving the finished silky smooth and ensuring premium texture, flavor and aroma.

Thermal insulation, 2 benefits

CH is equipped with a Stainless steel internal boiler with thermal insulation:
· Allows to work safe by avoiding the unit from stay hot to touch causing injuries to staff members.
· Maintains constant heater temperatures without creating more work for the heater system.

Don’t worry about Overheating

The temperature overheat sensor with reset button allows for safe operation by preventing your machine from burning out by overheating if the water levels gets too low. To restore the machine to normal operation easily press the pushbutton underneath the base.


The easy-to-read thermostat lets you to adjust the temperature up to 85ºC. Thanks to it, the temperature can first be raised so that the chocolate acquires the appropiate creaminess and texture and then, once it is ready, the thermostat can be lowered to an ideal serving temperature of 65ºC-70ºC to avoid the creation of bacteria in the food.

Anti-Clogging Tap

Avoid down time and makes sure always acess to your hot beverages. The dispenser’s faucet has an anti- clogging system keeping chocolate from clumping as it pours. The front rod allows to remove from the internal part of the faucet any traces of grease that could obstruct the passage of the chocolate.

Not only Chocolate

Can also be used to dispense:
Milk, Coffee, Teas, Nacho cheese sauces, Hot Cider, Mulled wine, Butter topping (for pop corn), Cream sauces, Gravy, Syrups, Broths, Au Jus, Drawn butter (for seafood), Vegetable purees.

Show&Sell, Cristal Clear Bowl

Transparent bowl not only shows the product in motion increasing sales by visual impulse but also, it is much more attractive to see the chocolate we are going to drink than from a container that we do not know what is inside.

Continuous Mix

The unit is equipped with an interior rotating paddle to keep the product well mixed and consistently blended for the best chocolate experience. Prevents products from settling to the bottom and ensures a perfect product lump-free consistency.
CH-5L CH-10L
SPECIAL VOLTAGE 220V/60Hz - 115V/60Hz 220V/60Hz - 115V/60Hz
POWER 1000W 1000W
AMP 8.2 8.2
PRODUCTION Hot beverages: Hot Chocolate, coffee, milk, tea, mulled wine, etc.
WORKS WITH Concentrate + Water, Alcohol Based Mixes, Dairy Based Mixes and Fruit Based Mixes
TEMPERATURE CONTROL Adjustable Thermostat
The unit does not work as a cooler. If thermostat is adjusted below ambient temperature, the product will no be able to reach less temperature than ambient temperature.