Small & Easy

New design and aesthetic, not only is ideal for limited space but also ensures production of slush and delicious soft creams to offer new ideas to enjoy.

Slush & Cold Creams

G5 Super models look like normal Slush machines, but are equipped with a more powerful freezing system. As well as slush production, Super models can also chill the product to -8ºC, creating smooth creams with texture similar to soft ice cream.

Show&Sell, Cristal Clear Bowl

Transparent bowl not only shows the product in motion increasing sales by visual impulse but also, it is much more attractive to see the soft cream we are going to eat than from a container that we do not know what is inside.

5L Bowl Capacity

Prepare small quantities of chilled products and avoid unnecessary waste, this capacity is excellent for optimal product rotation ensuring product freshness, this means great taste and satisfied clients. Is ideal also during off-season, when demand of frozen beverages is limited.

Star Nozzle

There will be nothing stopping you from creating gorgeous cold cream shapes, the star nozzle is perfect for decorating with stars, flowers and borders or create perfect creamy swirls, ensuring excellent visual results as well as fine precision work thanks to their very neat finish.

Fast Serving

In cold cream mode, when the product reaches the correct density, the mixer slows down its rotation speed saving electricity while maintaining the correct consistency, the Easy extraction button increases the mixer rotation speed to make it easier to come out the product.

Expand Your Menu

Thanks to separate freezing system, you can control each bowl independently from the other, so in machines with two bowls you can prepare slush in one bowl and cold cream in the other at the same time to boost your frozen products service range.

Electronic Consistency Adjustment

Super models are equipped with a temperature display, just pressing the up or down arrow when cream mode, the consistency can be adjusted. The consistency range from step 1 to 16 so you can adapt it to your style and offer the best soft cream experience.

Intuitive-&-Easy Controls

First simply flip the mixer switch to the UP position to start the motor, then flip the Refrigeration switch to the UP position to start the cooling process and then flip the Chilled products switch to the UP position to obtain Cold Creams or to DOWN position to obtain Slush.
NET WEIGHT 22 Kg 33 Kg
SPECIAL VOLTAGE 220V/60Hz - 115V/60Hz 220V/60Hz - 115V/60Hz
POWER 350W 650W
AMP 2.6 4.8
PRODUCTION Slush, Creams, Cold Drinks, Cocktails
WORKS WITH Powder, Liquid Concentrate, Alcohol, Dairy Products